Christmas Vanilla Sugar Cookies

Recipe by Deb de Nichilo

Dec 13


Christmas Vanilla Sugar Cookies

The Recipe

These are definitely one of my favourite cookies to bake. They are so versatile and can be used with any type of cookie cutter and can be covered and decorated with fondant and or royal icing.

Vanilla Sugar Cookie Recipe

The dough is super easy to make and can be prepared a day in advance so all you have to do is roll, cut and bake the next day, making it perfect for Gifting.

When combining the dry ingredients I always sift everything together and then with a whisk give it a good mix to make sure all of the ingredients are distributed evenly. My butter and eggs are always at room temperature, so if your eggs are in the fridge like mine place it in a warm bowl of water first before cracking. This will bring your egg down to room tempertaure quickly.

Vanilla Sugar Cookie Recipe

There are so many companies making all different shapes of  cookie cutters, so you can re- use this recipe time and time again changing up the shapes and or decorations.

These cookies I’ve made are for Christmas presents for my little mans Kindy teachers, so I’ve gone classic Christmas with trees, snowflakes and round biscuits decorated with fondant and ‘Frosty’ sprinkles from our new Sprinkle Collection which can be purchased from our online shop

Easy Vanilla Sugar Cookies

I recently found out about the most amazing company in Australia that does 3D Cookie Cutters and Embossers and we’re hoping to get these in stock to sell early next year, but for the time being you can purchase them online at

They have a cookie cutter and embosser for every occasion and I’m finding it very hard not to buy them all. I’ve used their Merry Christmas and Cookies for Santa embosser on these cookies, and they’ve come up perfectly!

Christmas Sugar Cookie Recipe

I hope you use this recipe to make your own Christmas inpired cookies this year, and make sure you tag your photos with #cakebydeb #sprinkledust so I can see all of your creations.

Cake Sprinkles

Sprinkle Dust Sprinkles

Everything I have used to make these cookies from the stainless steel cookie cutters, fondant, colouring ect can now be found on my online shop for your convenience.

Happy Baking Deb x