Funfetti Cake

Recipe by Deb de Nichilo

Nov 18


Funfetti Cake

The Recipe

Funfetti cakes scream fun and deliciousness to me so I thought it was the perfect recipe to share as my first.

I first started making this recipe at my Cupcake shop, Couture Cupcakes back in 2008. It was one of our best sellers from the moment it hit the display cabinets, and from there I decided to turn my recipe into a larger cake, and it’s never disappointed.

Funfetti Birthday Cake Recipe

My Funfetti Cake is a light and fluffy vanilla cake, filled with sprinkles and finished with whipped vanilla buttercream Icing. My secret to the perfect vanilla cake is using a quality vanilla extract.

Likemost people, my baking journey started off with pre-mixed boxed cakes from the supermarket, but as my confidence grew I started experimenting with different flavour combinations and my own recipes, and I’m really proud of this masterpiece!

Decorating is definitely my favourite part of this recipe and I love using sprinkles to finish off a cake and make it really special and unique.

For this recipe, I’ve used my own Sprinkle Dust sprinkles, Rainbow Bright, which have just been launched on Cake by Deb and are sold exclusively on my website alongside a range of cake decorating equipment and baking supplies. I hope you love this range as much as I do!

Cake Sprinkles

So if you have a birthday party, graduation celebration or even a baby shower coming up, our Funfetti Cake recipe is the perfect celebratory dessert. I can’t wait to see how this recipe inspires you!

NOTES: In this recipe I use Cake Flour. Cake Flour is a finely milled, delicate flour with a low portein content. When it is used in cakes, it results in a super soft texture with a fine crumb. In Australia you can buy Cake Flour from your local Supermarket. I use the Light House brand, biscuit, pastry and cakes. If you can’t find it you can replace it for All Purpose Flour.