My go to Easy Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

Recipe by Deb de Nichilo

May 04


My go to Easy Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

The Recipe

Lets be honest, everyone needs that one recipe that is quick and easy to make, but still tastes delicious and comes out perfect everytime.

My go to Easy Vanilla Cupcake recipe is very easy, but you still need to follow a few tips to make sure your cupcakes come out perfect…

Tip #1 Pull out your cold ingredients at least 30 minutes before you start making them. This will ensure they are at room temperature which is SUPER inportant.

Tip #2 Sift your dry ingredients….. don’t miss this step as you won’t end up with a soft crumb in your cupcakes.

Tip #3 Warm your milk in the microwave on medium heat before adding to your mixture.

Tip #4 If your eggs are cold from the fridge, place them in a bowl of warm water to really get them to room temperature.

Follow the above tips and get soft, delicious cupcakes everytime!

Easy Vanilla Cupcakes

and then decorate until your hearts content…..

Easy Vanilla Cupcake RecipeWhen measuring my ingredients, I always use scales and that gives me a perfect result everytime and leaves minimal room for error. Remember to sift all of your dry ingredients before hand and have your butter, eggs and milk at room temperature.

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